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Russia Deep-Dive 2/2: Two Hundred and Sixteen Thousand reasons why this makes sense

April 11th, 2012 3 comments

Great Imperial Crown of RussiaAs I mentioned on my Agenda post, I’ve been involved with a number of un-reported big ticket IDN deals over the last few years.

Sometimes my involvement is simply as a “second opinion” from a prospective buyer before purchasing; sometimes I’ve found that people just tell me stuff for the heck of it – I guess when you have no desire to go public, confiding in someone you trust has no down-side with being in the public eye, but does have the upside of being able to share your news and have that self-satisfying “look what I got” type conversation.

Sometimes my involvement has been as the purchaser, and sometimes as a broker.

Not Public

To put this post into perspective, there have been many big ticket deals go-down, and very few of them make the public news. That’s not to say they are all under some sort of NDA – a few for example have been Snapnames auctions, and while they may be openly discussed in forums, again – for whatever reason, they don’t make it into the public arena.
The largest reported IDN transaction to date was $150k. (See here for others)

You can decide for yourself why people choose not to go public; maybe it’s simply the privacy invasion; maybe they don’t want to receive the mail bag full of “buy my crap domain..” enquiries; maybe it’s for other reasons.

As far as IDN is concerned, you’re either in it up to your neck and understand why it makes sense; or you are on the sidelines hearing only the highlights and probably view IDN investing as “questionable” at best.

In my quest to pull back the curtain and educate, it wouldn’t be complete if I couldn’t talk $’s with you.

So why have the parties involved in this deal, decided now is a good time to go public?

There’s a couple of reasons, I’ll cover the first reason now – there’s a big difference between simply reporting a domain and number; and making the case along with the domain and a number.

Every domainer understands the value proposition of a regular English .com; and seeing a number against it in DNJournal will make you either think, good deal/bad deal.

But the very reason I am writing these articles is because until now, not a lot is known about the value proposition of IDN; therefore without this background, any IDN domain & number reporting would always be viewed as bad deal/crazy deal.

So, if this is the first time you are reading idndemystified; I strongly urge you to read Chapters 2 & 3; which lays it out clear and simple, and the 1st part of this Russia article here.
If after reading, you still want to view all this as crazy, that’s just fine – at least you can qualify your opinion.

So on with the show.


Москва.com (Moscow in Russian Cyrillic) first changed hands during the 2nd week of April 2007. When the current Korean owner parted with it for USD 16,000. It was reported here via DNJ.

Sixteen months later on 1st August 2008, it would be changing hands again, but this time the ticket price would be USD 216,000

Disclaimer: I am neither buyer not seller, my involvement in this deal was simply as broker. But I would like to thank both parties for allowing this to be disclosed.

So what makes a domain worth $216,000?

You can Google Moscow yourself, but here’s a few things you might not know:

  • 10 million Moscovites call it home
  • Москва will be a government reserved domain in the new Russian ccTLD, and it will almost certainly live out it’s days as being a non-commercial government controlled, information only site
  • Oh and just in case any Doubting Thomas’s were thinking Russian surfers search in English “Moscow” instead of “Москва”; check out the monthly stats from Wordstat



(yes Overture might be dead, but in many other languages, it is very much alive and kicking in other guises)

The 2nd Reason

The other reason why this is being reported now, is that actually Moscow is just the tip of the iceberg, in fact it may be the jewel in the crown, but there are many other gem stones in the crown that make up the rest of this story. So for now, consider this part 1; because we will return in a matter of week(s), and we will be lifting the lid on another “first”. What is indisputably the largest, most aggressive and expensive development project of it’s kind that takes Moscow and a seriously large bucket full of similar size gems and thrusts them out there.

Next up:

I take a week break to do a little window shopping; then we make our way to the Land Of The Rising Sun, for our next deep-dive, where I share with you my love for Japan’s ccTLD, and we take a closer look at Japan’s historical love-hate relationship with domain names.

Edit April 11th 2012: sale published in DNjournal here

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